Aksu Confectionery started candy production In 1976 activities in the sector our first workshop is 50 squaremeters in area and every time for activities to reach our goal of quality and customers satisfaction has kept in the foreground. When we joined 1980 in Turkey markests are full with foreign brands candy in the market shalves an also Aksu Confectionery has been locomotive for domestic producers for bonbon candy production. When we joined 1990 we start Except in the production of candy & confectionery We started jam, syrup, sesame oil products such as our industry leadership in times without releasing till 2000. We also started the producing pasta decoration granul sugar.When we joined 2005 the big project arising. 

The latest technology also join candy markets. All famous brand machine makers joined confectionery producing machines. We decided to joined depositing hard candy production we check all machines one by one and the latest technology production line which is close and full automatich computer control lines joined our factory. Following years the second latest technology line center filling soft candy line start working in our factory in 2006.Aksu candy & chocolate become leader in this sector. We also complete all candy product in our production. 

In 2008 our leadership in this sector, and milk chocolate to clinch kokolin production has started. Today, our production in 5000 squaremeters closed area in 81 provinces and 35 countries who reach the dealership with the volume of exports has contributed to the country's economy at the same time provide a large volume of employment for Turkish economy.Today, the increasing share of food taste Aksu while offering all the people in the world to sweeten the mouth with aksu trademark also speed work without any stop our slogan is share of the growing taste.

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